Hey, my name is Jake and I’m a student at Florida State University.  I enjoy talking politics and occasionally like to have a friendly debate.  I consider myself to be pretty conservative, but I am willing to respect other views.  However, be warned that I will stand by my beliefs, so if you challenge me, know that I won’t back down any time soon.  I’ve lived all over the country in places like Virginia Beach, Omaha, Coronado, and McLean and I’ve also traveled to multiple foreign countries like England, France, and Costa Rica.  I was even born abroad, in Sasebo, Japan.

I love soccer, Tae Kwon Do, gaming, and, of course, blogging.  I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Steins;Gate, and all things Disney.  I will say in advance that certain things I say in some of my posts may not make sense to you because they’ll reference things I happen to be a fan of.  If you’re curious I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about myself, my posts, or anything else you want to ask.  I will also take requests to do reviews, talk about a political issue, or offer my thoughts on something else going on in the world.  If you want, you can follow me on twitter @JakeTLeech (my feed is on the home page) as an easy way to see new posts or see what’s going on with me.  You can also follow this blog by clicking the button on the home page to get notifications every time I post something new.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  Please feel free to offer feedback or make suggestions as to how I can make the blog better.

Jake T. Leech


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